About TRU Patriot Irrigation and Back Flows LLC

Backflow testing and Repair

Veteran owned and Local Tester in the Central Texas Area. I've been testing and repairing backflows for about 16 yrs now. I love the interaction with our community with standup service. Schedule your appointment today for fast and friendly service. So a lot of customers ask why 65$ compared to 50$ like other testers for residential and 75$ for commercial. Well one is experience I've been testing and repairing backflows for more than 15 yrs and take pride in the work I do. Second I've done a vast research on quality parts for a more decent price than most suppliers. Third Everything is digital I email everything to you and the city and you can pay and schedule your appointment right there on my app. Customer satisfaction is my number one priority, making sure they are well taken care of. May God bless you.